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Blogging is all about sharing information, knowledge, and expertise with the community as a way of giving back. The ultimate aim of blogging should not be about fame or fortune but rather helping someone in need which in return would spend time on another topic and blog about it eventually saving you that time and effort. How many times did a blog post get us out of trouble Smile

That been said, recognition is something that everyone aspires to no matter the reason or outcome. My goal from persuading you to vote for Zero To Hero blog is for the sole purpose of making it well known, with the hope that its content would be accessible to more people that may actually need it. This blog is a team effort and we will always strive to share knowledge and expertise to the best of our ability with a guarantee of no sponsors and ads thanks to Diyar United Company .

The vote for the top 100 virtualization blogs out there has been opened for the year 2018 by Eric Siebert from sponsored by Turbonomic . “ Zero To Hero ” blog has been listed amongst the list and I would like to ask for your support in voting.

Click on the above VOTE picture or follow this link to cast your vote. Feel free to choose your favorites and here are steps to follow:

Thank you.

May the Peace, Mercy, and Blessing of God Be Upon You

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