Block Access to Web Apps hosted on NetScaler from Mobile browsers and Allow through custom Apps




In a recent engagement, one of my customers was using NetScaler to load balance couple of web application servers, and they were using custom in-house developed mobile apps to browse these load balanced web servers. Users are able to access these applications through browsers like Safari or Chrome from Mobile/Windows browsers.

Customer Requirement was to block access to these web applications from Mobile browsers and allow access to the Web applications only from the In-house Mobile apps.

We can achieve this by using NetScaler Responder Policy in the following manner:


· Any Virtual Server (LB or CS or NetScaler gateway virtual server)

· Responder Policy

· Responder Action(Optional if you want to present custom message instead of default error page )


Step 1: Enable Responder feature on NetScaler (System – Settings – Configure Advanced Features).


·Step 2: Create Responder HTML Page (AppExpert – Responder – HTML Page Imports – ADD).


In here you can put any HTML page content that you would like a user to see when trying to access the web apps from mobile browser.


Step 3: Create a Responder Action ( AppExpert – Responder – Actions – ADD ) and add previously created HTLM page


Step 4: Create a Responder Policy (AppExpert – Responder – Policy – ADD).




Step 5: Assign Responder Policy to Virtual server (Content Switch or LB virtual server or Access Gateway) (NetScaler Gateway – Virtual Servers – Edit MAM virtual server – Add Policy – Responder/Request – Select Policy & Bind – Save NS Config).





We can test this using NetScaler access gateway page through safari or chrome browser to check the blocking and then we can use Citrix workspace/Secure Hub for iOS/Android to test access

Testing from Mobile Browser

Launch Safari/Chrome from iOS/Android device and enter the Gateway or virtual server URL for testing:

Safari (iOS)

image  image

Chrome (Android)

image   image

· Page is getting blocked in browser with Custom HTML Title and Body

Testing through Mobile Applications

· Launch Citrix Workspace/Secure Hub app for iOS/Android and enter Gateway URL, credentials and you will see you apps with not blocking.


clip_image026 clip_image028 clip_image030


 clip_image032 clip_image034 clip_image036