Windows 10 Search Indexing Not Working After VMware OS Optimization tool



Jet Lagging from an 18 hours flight to attend Citrix Synergy in Anaheim, I have decided to put my uncontrolled up-time to use and write a very short simple post on an issue I have seen in couple of environments so far.

If you have been in the VDI realm for some time now, I am sure you would remember the days were one would optimize base images manually, thus consuming considerable time and effort. Optimization scripts were the way to go when wanting to orchestrate VDI base images optimization and many existed with the efforts of community professionals. Eventually VMware released their own OS Optimization tool and soon enough Citrix followed with its own optimizer.


Before ground breaking profile management solutions hit the market with support for Search, Indexing, and OST Caching on non-persistent virtual desktops, most of us, me included, just ran VMware OS Optimization tool, Citrix Optimization tool (recently), and sealed the image with BISF.


I never bothered looking into every single action that is taken by any given Image optimizing tool or script, simply enough, because there were too many of them and more so relied on LoginVSI release of their optimized template with VMware OS Optimizer for Windows 10 which was reassuring. This turned out to be a huge mistake … !

Now, based on specific customer requirements and needs, I tend to go over each and every line item that any given optimization tool is working on. In a recent engagement were my customer decided to procure a profile management solution that supported Search Indexing and OST Caching, it was time to update the base images to reflect the same.

Enabled Search Service again and reverted any group policy effecting Cortana or Search, yet search indexing refused to work and wont open. More drastic measures like reinstalling search feature and fixing Cortana did not work as well and still search indexing option on Control Panel refused to open and seemed broken/nonfunctional.



Well seemed very obvious that some type of customization has effected Windows 10 Search indexing but did not relate to any service or control panel item. After reviewing the Windows 10 template on VMware OS Optimizer, I found out that search indexing was actually disabled using DISM from Windows system by uninstalling the search engine client package.




Well time to enable the feature again using the following command and verify that indexing is actually working :




Go over every action that any optimization tool or script is doing and make sure that you only select what fits your requirements and needs on top of knowing what it actually does for future reference. Time to get some sleep as very busy days are lurking ahead.

Salam  Smile .

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