vSphere-Land Top Virtualization Blog Results

For a first time participator “Zero To Hero” Blog did ok Smile . Though we didn’t make the top 100 vBlogs never the less some interesting results that can be built upon for next year given that the blog was more Citrix oriented in 2016.

Its all about giving back to community in the end never the less its always nice to be appreciated in one way or another. Big Thanks to everyone that participated in the voting process and Bigger thanks to Eric Siebert for putting up an amazing effort to make all of this work in such a professional manner.

The full results can be found at http://vsphere-land.com/news/top-vblog-2017-full-results.html , as for “Zero To Hero” Blog here are the results :

191 Rank Blog:


2nd Favorite New Blog:


13th Favorite Independent Blogger:


Salam Smile .

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