Awarded Citrix Technology Advocate 2017

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Humbled and proud to be chosen as a CTA “Citrix Technology Advocate” and be acknowledged as an active member of the Citrix community worldwide.

I am really passionate about Citrix and will continue to contribute to this community to the best of my ability but its really a privilege to be recognized so thank you Citrix.

I have been working with Citrix technologies for the past 8 years now, blogging Citrix all the way, regular Synergy attendee, and leader of the UAE CUGC “Citrix User Group Community”.  Would like to thank everyone that supported me and still do from family, friends, and colleagues.


That been said when looking at CTA fellow members , one would only feel privileged to be amongst such a dedicated professional geeky bunch of pure talent and passion for everything Citrix.

Here is a video of all members setup by CTA Community Manager Stephanie Roper who did an amazing job putting the whole thing together.

All is first and foremost by the grace of Allah Smile .