White Paper Review “Issues in Cloud Security (Private, Public, Hybrid)”

White Paper Review

Corporate Author: World Wide Technology

Article Title: Issues in Cloud Security (Private, Public, Hybrid)

Journal: WWT (World Wide Technology)



The aim of this white paper is to explain security issues and challenges faced when migrating to any type of cloud computing platform. In particular, the author focuses on hybrid cloud models where on premise and public cloud environments are interconnected which poses new levels of risk while also discussing mitigation plans.

Quality of Research:

The author is clearly focusing on the question of securing a hybrid cloud which is listed in the introduction section but fails to address other computing models adequality given that a hybrid cloud is nothing more than a private and public cloud connected together.

The author lists fundamental questions necessary for tackling the subject in hand never the less fails to give any real-life examples or any visual content for readers to relate technical concepts with simplified examples, this makes it hard for non-technical IT related personnel (CIO, CEO, CFO, …) to understand the subject in hand though they are key decision makers for moving to the cloud (Deloitte, 2014).

Research Method:

The research method is based on security models set by Microsoft and Amazon which are currently the biggest public cloud computing providers (Bort, 2016) on top of the authors personal experience on the subject given that the corporate author line of work is IT security. I would propose extracting information from third party security firms and government security entities for the sake of being unbiased.

Quality of Presentation:

The paper approach to subject is methodological. It guides the reader through an introduction to the subject in hand, an understanding of the issue, the solution proposed, and finally a conclusion that summarizes the whole paper.


Overall satisfactory paper on the subject of cloud security though parts of the mentioned title are not covered in details. The paper could have used some form of visual content such as statistic tables, pictures, and references to fortify its opinion on the subject.


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