Webinar Review “Can the cloud be right for your business as a strategy”

Webinar Review

Authors Name: Stuart Scott
Webinar Title: Can the cloud be right for your business as a strategy
Source: Cloud Academy



The webinar aim is to relate how adopting cloud computing leads to developing business forward if migration strategy is well thought off and deployed.

The first section discusses in brief what is cloud computing and the characteristics that define benefits and features in cloud computing from a technical perspective.

The second section discusses benefits that cloud computing offer from a business perspective thus explaining value that can be derived from cloud computing to different business market segments.

The third section lists the constrains of the cloud from a technical perspective and how can that effect adoption of cloud from business perspective.

The fourth and final section lists use cases for how startup, SMB, and enterprise companies can benefit from cloud computing adoption


The introduction of cloud computing as a concept was very brief and it was advised to visit another webinar that discussed that matter though a better overall introduction of the concept could have been presented within the same time frame.

The author makes his point clear in terms of the overall value and benefit different organizations operating in different market segments and of different sizes can benefit from cloud computing never the less there is no clear mention on the strategy type or approach those businesses should adopt for successfully migrating and operating in a cloud computing environment. A clear plan must be put forward for the path any company should take to move to the cloud or else failure is inevitable (Tech Target, 2016).

Use cases discussed are mostly conceptual and very general. The author could have mentioned a couple of real world scenarios where businesses from the different company segments discussed in section four have migrated to cloud computing and what kind of strategy did they use to be successful at it.

Though voice and message was clearly delivered in the webinar never the less the content was very static for a 50 minutes’ webinar so it could have used some dynamic content or live demonstration to showcase some of the ideas proposed.


Very beneficial information provided relating to topic discussed but could have been improved with real world examples and more dynamic content.


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